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Today Bluhm is one of three staff Medical Illustrators at The Anatomical Chart Company in Skokie, Illinois. She creates illustrations and designs charts on anatomy, injury, and disease, and assists in the custom development of visual materials for pharmaceutical clients. Her work has been acknowledged with the Award of Excellence from the Association of Medical Illustrators, the Outstanding Portfolio Website awards, and as a Vesalius Trust Research Grant recipient. She approaches her work with a great deal of enthusiasm and her personal education is ongoing. Conducting research for the accurate represention of her subjects will always be a significant part of her work. She has dissected four cadavers and she has been in attendance during surgical operations both as an observer and as an illustrator, drawing while peering over the shoulders of surgeons.

Pencil sketch of the External Eye, a precision Opthamological self-portrait.

Winner of the Association of Medical Illustrators' Award for Excellence in Medical Tone.  Pencil, airbrush, and Adobe Photoshop. Created in conjunction with the National Aquarium in Baltimore.


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